Caitlin was founded end 2001 by Gerrit Koekebakker and Erik Wolthaus.

Cailtin was started by Gerrit Koekebakker (guitars, vocals) and had to be melancholic and different. Erik Wolthaus (bass) was contacted and Caitlin was born.

After dismissing one drummer, Ron de Haas joined Caitlin. His way of "power-noise" drumming combined with quieter pieces made him the best choice for sculpting the early Caitlin sound.

Half a year later the band was trying to expand their sound so Henriëtte van Zanten, a sax-player, was contacted. Her style of playing fitted in extremely well, so she joined the band.

In this consistency the first gigs where done in the local club circuit to get the public familiar to the unique Caitlin-sound. The first Demo-cd titled "Broken Home Souvenirs" was recorded end 2002 in studio "Het Muziekhuis" Leiden.

In August 2003 Vincent Klinkenberg (guitars) joined the band.

Caitlin is currently working on new material to climb the stages.

Let the leaves start falling in your head.


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