The last RULLF2 (DEC 3000 Model 600S AXP) in the guestroom.

Tuesday morning, 31-AUG-2004, node is not currently reachable,
and there's ooze oozing on the table below it, like there's an alien inside.

The ooze was desintegrated rubber from, fortunately, just the bottom of the case.
But the yellow status LEDs keep telling me (even without disk and cdrom drives): EF!!!
And that's a code that isn't explained in the manual...

There are no aliens on the I/O board (which featured three TURBOchannel connectors)...

There are no aliens on the mainboard, but it does have some brown areas as a result
of staying in a guestroom without airconditioning. Note the 21064 Alpha CPU...

320 Mb of memory from a decade ago, and it could still be functional but it
is worthless now...

Everything checked and cleaned, but when reassembled the machine still produces
just code EF 8.-(

All (ancient) drives are still OK and OPERATOR.LOG (and STATUS.LOG) reveals The End
(but RULLF is now configured to boot independently):

%%%%%%%%%%% OPCOM 31-AUG-2004 04:17:26.40 %%%%%%%%%%%
Logfile time stamp

Check the RULLFS status page to see how the system continues to live virtually, or say hello.